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Gina Citoli - "The Musical Medicine Woman." 
Gina has devoted her life to awakening the world with music and performance art. Her gorgeous voice is a harmonic tool of illumination and is truly "Musical Medicine" for Your Soul.

Visionary songstress Gina Citoli takes you beyond entertainment into the extraordinary.
She has written, produced and recorded over 60 songs about world peace, universal truths, empowerment,
the natural world, love and transformation. 

Gina has also curated her own style of performing arts that coalesce the performing, healing, and metaphysical arts. The shows are channeled from source and she often tells people "I did not write them they write me as they have changed my life!" She now produces and performs four one-woman theatrical musicals. 
All of Gina's creations reflect not only source energy but Gina's diverse background as a vocalist, performer and composer along with her experience in theater and dance. ancient wisdom, new science, metaphysics, sound healing, consciousness, health and over all wellbeing!


Gina also wrote and performed with her sister Merry and managed Alchemy VII her band of 12 years both of which had hit songs in various markets worldwide. All of her work from Alchemy & Divination to her Musical TheatreHarmonic Sound Immersions and Transformational Music share her true passion for the expansion of our collective consciousness and the unification and rising of humanity.

Honors, Awards & Distinctions

  • Hollywood Spiritual Film & Entertainment Festival
    1 Rock Ballad - "It All Comes Down to Love"

  • Hollywood Spiritual Film & Entertainment Festival
    #1 Holiday Song - "Someday When Christmas Never End​

  • "Breath of Spirit" voted as Crimson Circle's choice for   The  Best New World Energy Song

  • Original songs by Gina included on multiple International CD Compilations for world peace & the environment

  • Gina's song "The Alchemist" featured in a NASA training program.

  • Several of Gina's songs included in environmental films and documentaries.

  • Two of Gina's songs were recorded with Grammy award-winning producer Barry Goldstein in New York City

Standing Ovations & Rave Reviews

  • New York's Battery Park 

  • Den Design-Forum of the Museums Quarter, Vienna, Austral

  • The Sedona Creative Life Center

  • The Beverly Hillshire Screening Facility

  • The Seattle Center for Spiritual Living 

  • Afton Embrace Retreat Center, Afton, MN 

  • Widespot Performing Arts Center, Stockholm, WI

  • Bridging The Walter Gap Conference, Minneapolis, MN

  • Conscious Living Expo, Spokane, WA

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