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A Brilliant Powerhouse of a Performance.

"The Voice of The Earth Herself!"


Above a musical synopsis of A Cabaret of Consciousness. The following is a more extensive summation. 

As Mama Earth, Gina Citoli Delivers a Brave and Beautiful Message of Promise and Possibilities to The World. 


A Cabaret of Consciousness shatters the old paradigm of fear and transcends the conditioning of limitation.

It is brimming with inspiring original music and intriguing tales. Heartfelt wisdom and a touch of humor. Combine all this with Gina’s incredible voice and energy, and you have an experience that is renewing, exhilarating: a full-on feel-good experience all wrapped into one!


Full of Enlightening Solutions and Fascinating Potentials for An Awakening World. 

A Cabaret of Consciousness enlightens, fascinates, entertains, and awakens. With Mama Earth at the helm the audience is taken on an enthralling ride with a front row seat and a monumental opportunity to contribute to the creation of a brand new reality!

"Gina's performance is much more than great musical entertainment, it is simply genius!"  - Christine Cole, Unity of Sedona


" I had the pleasure of attending  A Cabaret of Consciousness at The Sedona Creative Life Center. Gina Citoli has put together a musical that is the most profound and comprehensive message from Mama Earth you have ever heard.

A Cabaret of Consciousness is the message of the time for the new earth. The level of professionalism, artistry and full spectrum delivery of this most appropriate message is phenomenal."- Adrian Stewart, Parangello Players, Sedona, AZ

"Gina is a presence to be reckoned with – combining rock star energy and crystal clear spiritual truth. Gina delivers the goods for the awakening world."   - Rev. Cheri Jensen, Senior Minister - Whole Life Center for Spiritual Living- Fort Collins, CO

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Gina Citoli as Mama Earth

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For ages 9 and UP!
r more information contact Gina at 928-862-8070


"Gina Citoli is a spiritual smash.  Gina’s energetic performance is backed by solid spiritual truths and stories that combined with music touched us all on many different levels.   I can’t imagine a better way for this message to be heard from town to town."   Rev. Michael Ingersoll, Seattle, WA

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