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Musical Medicine Woman 

Concerts of The Extraordinary Kind

The Extraordinary is found at the edge of human consciousness!
It resides in the realms of The Mystical, The Magickal and The Mysterious.
With Illuminating Songs and Stories That are Grounded in Cosmic and Natural Law Gina will Ignite your Imagination.  She will  Inspire you to Embrace Your True Nature and Honor, Protect, and Cherish Your Humanness.

Vocal Sound Healing at it's Finest! 
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Dancer 432 hz
The Dream Lives 432 hz
"When you are in the room with Gina you feel the soul of her voice permeate every fiber of your being.  It is an amazing experience." -  OKP Events" 

"Enthralling, Intoxicating Stuff!" - Fireworks Magazine, London, England,

"Fantastic! - Gaia's Vibes , Australia 

"Gina Citoli rocked the house !  Her deep, soulful voice projected powerful and positive messages."
- Susan Stone , Lightworker, Minneapolis, MN 
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