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Mama Earths Action Steps.

The Time is Now Are You Ready? 

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Many of these steps are self-evident but in truth your world has been distorted.
Common sense, critical thinking, and discernment have been jeopardized.

Reclaim these and follow the steps below consciously moment by moment.

This is how you set yourself free. No one else can do this for you.

This is your choice and yours alone.  -  Mama Earth

The steps are being posted slowly. Take time with each one!

(Many of the steps are direct quotes from A Cabaret of Consciousness.) 

Step #1
Discover/research what it means to be sovereign and practice it every moment and with every choice you make.

Step #2  
Take your food System back and grow our own food! 
From a Food Forest to a Micro Green Garden in your own kitchen.


Step #3

Be kind to each other and all of life!

Step #4 

Honor Our Sacred Ground and Respect LIFE.

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