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Rebels & Revolutionaries that Broke The Stereotypes & The Rules!

Divas, Wild Women,

They Rocked The World!

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& Rockers

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In this show Gina Citoli portrays 19 different singers and delivers
an electrifying and empowering performance about women that were rebels and revolutionaries that broke the stereotypes and rules.
They forged a new road for women in music and became the heralds for a powerful new female energy coming alive on the planet. These women forever changed the world through their music and presence.
This is their story, Gina's story and yours.
It will inspire you to greatness!

From Whitney Houston to Tina Turner and Heart to Judy Garland Gina’s vocal versatility shines in this incredible performance about the Divas, Wild Woman & Rockers of the 20th century.

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This is a fabulous empowering and energizing performance for women’s celebrations of all kinds or just for pure high vibe enjoyment !

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"Awesome Awesome Show Last Night! Gina You ROCK!" - JL

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"Six years ago, Gina Citoli performed her celebration song fest Divas, Wild Women & Rockers for my daughter's 40th birthday. She invited 24 of her friends from their 30’s to their 80’s and to this day they still talk about it! My daughter was blown away by the surprise and Gina’s professional Broadway style performance. The night could only have been exceeded by the actual presence of Whitney Houston, Joan Jett, Judy Garland , Aretha, Tina Turner, Heart and many more. -  Caroline Germaine   

"The room was full of my girlfriends from their late thirties to late seventies..
Gina’s heartfelt voice rang throughout t
he room with songs from Whitney Houston (bringing most of us to tears) and Tina Turner, to Heart and Billie Holiday and had us all captivated. 
Gina is a classy yet down to earth performer that will bring her exciting Broadway worthily and thought provoking performance to you.” DG

“Gina’s talent is hot, and the music is inspiring. What a great night, what amazing energy! Gina transports people to the highest level. Following the show people kept commenting that her show belonged on the big stage and certainly in every respect, that is correct.”  CG


Nona from Woodland Mounds shares...”I have nothing but Kudos for Gina's stunning performance! She has a GREAT voice and I loved her enthusiasm and showmanship.
It was a very enjoyable two hours.”

Eva from Woodland Mounds sums up the entertainment in one word.. ”ENJOYED!”

“Gina was very entertaining. and she has a beautiful singing voice It was a delight to hear the older songs she sang.. -Millie, Woodland Mounds, Maple Grove

"The Pandemic of 2020 has put a strain on mental wellbeing for residents of Woodland Mounds Independent Senior Living in Maple Grove, MN. As a resident, I wondered what I could do to help improve the morale of many of the residents. Putting on my creative hat, I contacted Gina Angela and asked her if she would be willing to entertain a small group of 10 senior ladies (yes, men were invited) with her Divas, Wild Women, and Rockers musical entertainment. What better audience than seniors who personally experienced life in the decades of 1930 to 2000.. Gina received a standing ovation from those who were able to stand, clap and cheer, begging for more! I personally witnessed a lot of heads bobbing to the music and some feet tapping under the tables.  I see Gina and her beautiful music as a bright star for many senior living facilities, whether it be independent, assisted, or memory care facilities. Science has proven that music is very healing and connecting for seniors.”
Paula, Woodland Mounds Senior Living, Maple Grove, MN

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