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Enlightened Frequency 
Living a Lifestyle of...
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Conversations with Gina Citoli
Nurturing Superluminal Consciousness
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We are made of sound and light and began with sound. We are musical beings and frequency is truly our natural state. This is why we feel resonance to certain people, places, and things as we feel the harmonic connection. It is also why some  people and things  have " dissonant (bad) vibes" to us!
Enlightened Frequency Lifestyle is an interactive conversational presentation
to support you in harmonizing all aspects of your life into a fine tuned masterpiece of art and beauty. 
  • Tune into higher frequencies of living that expand your consciousness.
  • Harmonize with the frequencies of significant enlightenment. 
  • Acquire tools for living a life of longevity, vitality, connection, and aliveness.
  • Gain more self-realization, heart brain coherence, healing, and the unification of
    critical thinking and significant enlightenment.
Critical thinking and heart brain coherence when unified with significant enlightenment creates critical enlightenment which is the key to moving beyond an old paradigm of limitation, fear, lack, and disease to a new realty of love, peace, gratitude, generosity, grace, and true freedom! 
We will cover all of the above bullet points you will exponentially discover higher purpose, break cultural pattering, achieve greater transcendence, inner liberation, and self-mastery.
This can all be achieved if you are willing to do the work!
A Note from Gina...
"This series of presentation s  are a tapestry of everything I have learned from reading tarot for 40 years to the study of alchemy, shamanism, quantum physics, metaphysics, and mastery level teachings from some of the best in the world. (Examples - 10 years Dr. Joe Dispenza, 20 years in depth study of The Life & Teaching of The Masters of The Far East, Nutrition and Frequency Life  Mastery - David Wolfe to name a few.   
I am also a Certified Nutritional Herbologist, Certified Reiki II, Certified Energy Interference Patterning Practitioner, Certified Advanced DNA Integration and Reprograming Practitioner and have 20 years of teaching nutrition to many groups and for organic food co-ops at Possibilities Healing
School Minneapolis, MN I was assistant to the director for two years.
And last but not least I have spent most of my life in the business of making music, writing, producing, and  performing a multitude of original songs on over a thousand stages from the US to Europe. 
I also a am sound healer an have created a brand of performance called Musical Theatre Art which includes five one woman musicals, healing sound concerts and a performing arts course.  Gina
We no longer have the luxury to play small we must make the leap. If you are ready
I invite you to join me in an adventure that humans have never encountered before!
Giving birth to a new reality full of limitless potential and possibilities " Gina


“Gina Speaks Earnestly from The Heart with Wisdom and Truth!” 
Dr. Joanne White, Award Winning International Best-Selling Author and Energy Master. 

"My Time with Gina was so Powerful. I Felt on a Literal High Afterwards...
Totally Blissed Out! What a Wonderful Experience. It was a Pleasure to

Meet You. You are so well Versed and In Tune with the Powers that Be" 

Hylah McGrane – Consigner, Mariotte Sedona, AZ

"Conversations build exponentially. The more awareness and consciousness you apply in your life the higher the frequencies and harmonics  you will be able to embody and sustain. Continuity is the key! When you  keep going and challenge yourself to more expanded  levels of consciousness and embody higher frequencies of sound and light you can create a light body that is a strong immortal temple. This is self- mastery that comes with a knowing that there is nothing more powerful than you.This is the key to freedom!" - Gina
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