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Transformational Support for These Most Unprecedented
and Auspicious of Times. Immersive Sound Healing,
Tarot and Divination.
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ina Citoli


The Musical  Medicine Woman

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Gina's Tarot and Divinations

Wisdom, Truth & Visionary Insights - Live & Online
Gina's Tarot and Divination readings are “Mystical Guide Stones”

to Expanded Consciousness & Self Mastery.

Harmonic Sound Immersions

Personally Crafted Rituals of frequency that resonate deep into your cells and DNA regenerating your heart, mind, body, and soul.  ​Experience deep relaxation, stress reduction, and holistic healing. (Includes Reiki). 

“Gina is a powerful songstress and healer. She is helping my family and I work through the struggles of separation and re connection with an intuitive reading, energy work and sound healing.

My partner and I attended one session together and included our eight-year-old daughter for the other.  She began our first session with an insightful tarot card reading and talking session where we confronted the heart of our issues.  Then were made comfortable on a padded mat.  She sang for us and utilized tuning forks, rain sticks, chimes and singing bowls. It was a restful and enlightening experience which brought my family closer and revealed unspoken truths, I will gladly return! We also attended a stupendous an empowering concert by Gina. She is truly a green goddess!” - LaTischa Franzmeier

“Upon first laying down I felt overwhelmingly relaxed and peaceful. When Gina started singing the calm continued and yet I felt energized at the same time. Halfway through I dozed off but still was very in touch with the healing process and what was happening as the sounds of Gina’s voice were vibrating within me. Afterwards I felt I had just received a massage or an energy healing and I could feel toxins release which made me a little tired.  Afterwards I felt stronger mentally and emotionally. Thank you, Gina!”
Edie Bjerstad, Hair Stylist and Mother

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