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"Let Love, Joy & Music be Your Medicine."
Gina Citoli -"The Musical Medicine Woman."

The Musical Medicine Woman Podcast.
Coming Soon... 

"Our time has come to RISE. reclaim our power and our planet and become the guardians and stewards of
Gaia and all life that resides on her. This is what we were created to be." Gina Citoli

This channel is all about the above statement. There will be music, storytelling, conversations and Tarot Readings devoted to our ascension and the creation of a renewed reverence and respect for each other,
all of life and our magnificent home, Planet Earth!

Interviews and Other Media 
More Coming Soon...

Rise to Freedom
Video with Narrative & Song 

Vocals, Lyrics and spoken word by Gina Citoli. Video by Rob Uzzell  Dragonfly Pictures In The Moment - Music for narration AudioCalm The Aurora-  Music for Rise to Freedom- Infraction

Robert David Steele Interviews Gina
This is a good interview to learn more about what I do. The name has changed but the principles and vision are the same.

In fact the vision has become clearer just recently. - Gina  2-4-23

Soul Power to The People Interview

Rise to Freedom
This is the current link.

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