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Schedule A Reading Beginning 8-6-24
Mystical Sounds
Sound Healing
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Release The Magick Within You!
A Gina's Alchemy reading offers you guidance with wisdom and heart.
Advanced truths and practical knowledge with the Tarot,  a guide of mastery level teachings
for self mastery and self governance. 


Though the Tarot is the main system used  in a session it can also include , oracle cards, numerology, and transmissions from earth and source, as well as wisdoms from cosmic and natural law to alchemy,  shamanism,  and quantum physics. - (Greater detail of concepts used  below.)

Open the Portals to Superluminal Consciousness and Critical Enlightenment!

These are Essential Abilities in Navigating the Days and Years Ahead!

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  • Discover more of who you are and how to break cultural pattering.

  • Receive insights into attaining more aligned relationships with deeper

  • Gain awareness into living with greater longevity, vitality, and aliveness.

  • Acquire guidance in achieving transcendence, superluminal consciousness
    and critical enlightenment.

“Gina Speaks Earnestly from The Heart with Wisdom and Truth!”
 Dr. Joanne White, Award Winning International Best-Selling Author and Energy Master. 

"My Reading with Gina was so Powerful. I Felt on a Literal High Afterwards...
Totally Blissed Out! What a Wonderful Experience. It was a Pleasure to Meet You.
You are so well Versed and In Tune with the Powers that Be"

- Hylah McGrain, Concierge, Marriot Courtyard Sedona, AZ

Total Living & Loving
Breakthough Blocks That Limit You!
It is my intent to use the cards and my instinctual senses to support you in transitioning from an illusionary world of fear and limitation into a new realm of possibilities, prosperity, love and beauty! - Gina 
"Amazing Reading! Gina is a clear channel for the impressions she picks
up from the cards. she is a Gift in my Life."
- Greg O'Neil -White Tiger Farms.

"Gina is The Best Tarot Reader I have Ever Seen!"  
-Donna Stockman- Healer

"Gina offers a fresh perspective and approach blending different methods and modalities. She bridges gaps left in each when they are in a stand-alone setting. It is truly the beginning of a global approach being reunited, and anyone fortunate enough to experience a session with Gina will greatly benefit from it."

- Salem/ Event Coordinator

"Sessions build exponentially. The more awareness and consciousness you apply in your life the higher the frequencies and harmonics you will be able to embody and sustain. Continuity is the key! When you keep going and challenge yourself to more expanded  levels of consciousness and embody higher frequencies of sound and light you can create a light body that is a strong immortal temple. This is self- mastery that comes with a knowing that there is nothing more powerful than you. This is the key to freedom!" - Gina
Maintaining Your Balance of Mind &  Focusing on Your Own Greatest Aspirations.


Alchemy: Alchemy is the art and science of illumination and inner liberation.

Alchemy is the breaking down of the old and synthesizing it into a new form.

Universal Law: Universal law states that we possess the power

to change the conditions of our lives. Higher vibration consumes

and transforms lower ones. We are able to change the energies

in our lives by comprehending the Universal & Natural Laws

Universal Law  is the geometry of how the universe works. 

Examples are the law of attraction, the law of one, and

the law of correspondence - as above so below, as within so without.

Natural Law is the laws of Nature (Life), the Land, 
Spirt and Prime Creator. It is our natural rights to freedom,
clean air and water, healthy food and a peaceful
world of abundance, prosperity and love!  .


Shamanism: Shamanism is interdependent and symbiotic with
nature and creation. it is a way of life that honors the
sacredness of

Superluminal:Superb, Enhanced, Brilliant, Shining, Radiant, faster-than-light,}

Critical Enlightenment: The decisive, vital, and essential use of  knowledge
coalesced with insights  and instinct to advance and expand human consciousness. Ultimately leading each human being to a direct and unbreachable connection to cosmic wisdom, their own  divinity, intrinsic powers, and the knowing that we are all  angelic humans and magnificent creator beings. (God Source


 Divinity: The Ability to Transcend ALL Limitations!

The Law of Prosperity 
on All Levels of Being!

Scheduling is Being Upgraded and Will Be Available Again on 7/8/24

Gina Citoli is a master tarot reader with over 30 years of professional experience. Along with her expertise  in reading Tarot cards Gina uses her knowledge of alchemy (Alchemy is The art and science of illumination and inner liberation). and shamanism (A way of being that communicates and lives in harmony with life and the natural world) in her readings. She is a sensorium (senses through vibration), and a clairvoyant (seer),and is clairaudient (hears beyond the range of normal perception.) Gina connects with The Tarot, Sprit Oracle cards, and Shamanic Animal Spirit Guides with expertise and wisdom, deep instincts and corporal  knowing. Gina is a clear channel for The Divine as well as earth energies and always holds to the highest integrity and greatest good. Gina is also a certified nutritional herbalist, certified in energy interference patterning, DNA repair and Reiki.

 More Testimonials 

"I have had sessions and many conversations with Gina, where she has used a plethora of gifts, talents and connections to provide with me deep and supportive insights. She is an excellent and knowing Tarot card reader and also employs many other intuitive abilities to draw ideas from the higher realms into this one. I find Gina to be fun, light hearted and entertaining in her work. She is not boring or glum! She is a light in my own life and in this existence. I plan to draw up on her skills on an ongoing basis. If you are looking for high quality perspectives and frequencies which can serve you on your journey, Gina is a spectacular resource. Thank you Gina! " - Jason Addison Ames - Integrated Channel & Healing Facilitator


"Amazing Reading! Gina Citoli is a gifted reader, following her heart, as well as her higher self,
as a clear channel f
or the impressions she picks up from the cards.  She picked up on one card, seeing it in her mind's eye before she worked with the physical cards, and its message came through loud and clear for me, very much on target with my current situation.   She is someone you can trust to deliver the meaning of the cards clearly, as their energetic signature comes through.  
Gina is a gift in my life.” - Greg O'Neil- White Tiger Farms


"I find a session with Gina reaffirming, clarifying and helpful. She does not give you strait predictions that this is what’s going to happen. She is more likely to share her vision of what may be the outcome of current situations and those in the future. I enjoy sessions with Gina as it helps me see things from a different perspective. She is also a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, spirituality, and general health and wellbeing. Her many talents lend to a integrative session that can help one transform themselves into their true potential. I leave feeling centered, focused and peaceful! I am thankful for the guidance and council she has provided me over the years."  GN – Healer

"Every person who spent time with Gina at our event was awe struck by Gina's ability and gifts."
Michelle Mays – United Earth Alliance

"Gina Citoli adds a special energy called 'love'.  I heard only praises from participants after their time with Gina." - Aria Joy - Owner/Stonehenge Rocks and Rituals-MN

"If anyone is looking for a deeper, clearer understanding of his/her Path. I highly recommend a session with Gina" ."Jeanne Barret - Owner / Afton Embrace

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