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Divination is the ancient and sacred art of accessing intuition, higher realms
of consciousness and inspired action through the mystical arts. ( Tarot, 
numerology, channeling etc.)
Alchemy is The art and science of illumination and inner liberation.
"Gina is the Best Tarot Reader I Have Ever Seen!"
Donna Stockman 
- Reader & Healer
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Wisdom, Truth & Visionary Insights.
Total Living & Loving!
""Amazing Reading!
Gina is a clear channel for the impressions she picks up from the cards. She is a Gift in my Life." - Greg O'Neil
White Tiger Farms.

Gina's Tarot and Divination readings are “Mystical Guide Stones” to  
Superluminal Consciousness.

  • Discover your higher purpose and how to break cultural pattering,

  • Receive insights into attaining more aligned relationships with

  • deeper connection.

  • Gain awareness into living with greater longevity, vitality, and aliveness.

  • Acquire guidance in achieving transcendence, inner liberation, and

A reading offers advanced truths, ancient wisdom, and practical knowledge with
Tarot, Oracle Cards, Alchemy,  Shamanism, Numerology, and Visionary Insights.

It is my intent to use the cards and my skills to support you in

transitioning from an illusionary world of fear and limitation into
a new reality of possibilities, prosperity,  love and beauty! - Gina

“Gina Speaks Earnestly from The Heart with Wisdom and Truth!” 
Dr. Joanne White, Award Winning International Best-Selling Author and Energy Master. 

"My Session with Gina was so Powerful. I Felt on a Literal High Afterwards...
Totally Blissed Out! What a Wonderful Experience. It was a Pleasure to
Meet You. You are so well Versed and In Tune with the Powers that Be"

Hylah McGrane – Consigner, Mariotte Sedona, AZ

Gina Citoli is a Master Tarot Reader with Over 30 Years of Professional
Experience. Along with her knowledge of the Tarot  Gina applies her skills
as an Alchemist (Alchemy is The art and science of illumination and inner
liberation. and Shamanista (A medicine woman that communicates
and lives in harmony with life and the natural world.)
She is a sensorium (senses through vibration), and a clairvoyant (seer),
and is clairaudient (hears beyond the range of normal perception.)
Gina intuits The Tarot, Sprit Oracle cards, and Shamanic Animal Spirit
Guides with expertise and wisdom, deep instincts and corporal intelligence.
Gina is a clear channel for The Divine as well as earth energies and always
holds to the highest integrity and greatest good.
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"Sessions build exponentially. The more awareness and consciousness you apply in your life the higher the frequencies and harmonics  you will be able to embody and sustain. Continuity is the key! When  keep going and challenge yourself to more expanded  levels of consciousness and embody higher frequencies of sound and light you can create a light body that is a strong immortal temple. This is self- mastery that comes with a knowing that there is nothing more powerful than you.This is the key to freedom!" - Gina
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