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Rejuvenate, Regenerate, & Revitalize.

Gina Citoli's Musical Metamorphosis is a Beautiful Life Enriching Immersion
into Sound & Music. Every Group Sound Healing Concert Experience

is an Extraordinary Encounter that Resonates Deep into Your Cells & DNA.

Experience deep relaxation, enlivening sounds, tones, & frequencies.

Breath & embrace the energy of Gina's gorgeous voice, 432hz crystal
singing bowls. transformational music (432 & 963 hz), solar harmonic tuning forks, & more.


432 hz is celebrated for its healing properties & is known as "The frequency of the
universe" or the "miracle tone”. Gina is also adding 963 hz music to support the pineal, & pituitary gla
nds & to connect to Source energy. The human voice engages the entire body. It holds resonance and vibration and when directed with positive intention can have a profound healing effect.

No two performances are the same as Gina curates them intuitively for the energies at play & what is being called for the greatest good of the participants.

Check Events Page for public performances.

            Feel Relief from Stress & Anxiety. Transform Your LIFE.



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"When you are in the room with Gina you feel the soul of her voice permeate every fiber of your being. It is an amazing experience."  -  OKP Events" 

"Gina is absolutely wonderful!! She is such a powerful sound healer and performer. I felt the energy from this experience so palpably! I’ve been to a sound healing before but never quite like this - she used crystal bowls to align our chakras, plant sounds, her own incredible singing voice, and many other instruments to align our energy. Gina also used Reiki which I felt very strongly since I am sensitive to energy. I would absolutely recommend Gina, anyone and everyone can benefit from her gifts.   So glad we found her!" - Emily Moore & Stephanie Leonard - Sedona, AZ
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