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Musical Theatre Salons are intimate high value
afternoon or evening retreats from the mundane world. 

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Shows can be booked in The Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul and WesternWisconsin area for the summer. Then I will be heading south and be be in variety of locations on my way to Sarasota Florida.  I will post locations on my events page a they develop.

Host a Musical Theatre Salon and....

Choose One of Gina's  Extraordinary Musicals for Your  Theatre Salon

Gina's Premiere Performance 2023 Version  
A Cabaret of Consciousness - Host Now

A Brilliant Leading-Edge Powerhouse of a Performance that is 

​The Voice of The Earth Herself!

  • In a Theatre Salon your group will receive A Cabaret of Consciousness One - Women Musical.
  • Your group will have the opportunity to spend time with Mama Earth after the show and have a candid  conversation with her. She will also speak to you more of the natural laws of life and answer
    any questions you may have about that or other topics in her show.
  • Your group will receive a download of the spectacular soundtrack of A Cabaret of Consciousness.
The Magick- Host Now
Gina Rocks The Universe In This Powerful One-Woman Rock Musical
That is a A Tale of Valor, Love, Transformation, & Ascension. 
  • In a Theatre Salon your group will receive The Magick One - Women Musical.
  • Your group will have the rare opportunity to experience a group Tarot reading with Aradia avatar of the highest order and "Queen of The Witch". 
  • Your group will receive a download of the powerful, magickal soundtrack of The Magick.
Wild, Wild, Wisdom - Fall 2023
A Sacred Healing Musical that Vibrates Deep into Your Being.
You will meet Shamanista, Shapeshifter of Consciousness, & keeper of "The Wild Wisdom".+
Divas, Wild Women & Rockers - Fall 2023
Rebels & Revolutionaries that Broke The Stereotypes & The Rules!
  • In a Theatre Salon your guests will receive Divas, Wild  Women & Rockers One - Women Musical. 
  • Q & A with Gina and conversation about what can be learned from the lives and the times
          of the women portrayed in Divas, Wild Women & Rockers.
  • Your guests will receive a download of one of the soundtracks from a show of your choice.
          (Divas does not have a soundtrack yet.).
Link Too Hosting Form
Soundtracks and singles are available on Gina's Music Page.

"Gina's is one of the consciousness-raising messengers on our planet whose voice carries healing qualities.
Gina combines her wisdom with music, story telling, humor and vocals to convey
solutions for the challenges facing  humanity."   
- Carolyn Vinup - HPSS Global - Minneapolis,

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