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Mysterim Musical Theatre 

& Performing Arts Mystery School.
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Performance Art that Explores, Expresses, and Embraces The Mystery and Majesty of The Natural World and What it Truly Means to Be Human.

Superbly Imaginative  Live Performances and explorative Performing Arts Vision Quests that are immersive ways of healing, unlearning, relearning and restructuring deep programing and culturalization.  Mysterium Musical Theatre is crafted to restore humanity to our intrinsic powers,  wholeness, beauty, and brilliance in ways that are enjoyable, adventurous, expansive and meaningful!

My Vision for Mysterim Musical Theatre is to Create a Renaissance of Consciousness and a Renewal of Life Itself with Performance Art. I will be speaking to more of this as it unfolds... Gina 

Mysterim - The Mysterious and Unknown.
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