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A performing arts course to unlock the brilliance, meaning the intense brightness
of light, exceptional talent, and intelligence in each living being.

This course is an adventure of self-realization and opens the door to reconnect with your imagination,
something we have lost sight of in our 
world today! It teaches the participants skills to create and express themselves with a one-person performance.

Express Brilliance is also designed to rest
ructure the deep programing and damaging
culturalization that has been put in place and connect the 
participants to the earth and life itself.  
This course reveals what it means to truly be human and discover the power
we all have 
inherently within.

Finally, Gina will plant seeds in each section of the 
course that will stimulate imaginative
thinking, intelligent creativity,
critical thinking, and significant enlightenment.

Six Week Course, Six Three-Hour Classes For up to Eleven People.
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  • Section One -Express Brilliance.
    In this introduction students will learn how performance art can be used as a vehicle for their highest expression. They will learn how creativity can be used for self-realization, self-healing, and to produce significant change in their own lives and the world.
  • Section Two - Express Energy
    In part two of section one students learn about energy and how to apply it in a performance and in daily life. It teaches the effects that energy has on our own body, mind, spirit and wellbeing, as well as on each other, and all of life! 
    2 hrs
  • Section One -Express Wellbeing
    Our world is engaged in some form of entertainment on a very regular basis and can be one of the most powerful tools we have in creating a more compassionate, aware and peaceful world.  Entertainment, particularly live performance, has a pronounced effect on our general health and wellbeing and when it is mindful, conscious, and aware it can be an essential element in repatterning and healing ourselves and our world. This section will address some of the techniques that can be used in creating live performances that can have beneficial effects on the audience, performer, and beyond. 
  • Section Two - Content, Organization & Delivery.
    This will introduce different kinds of content that can be used to base a show on and various ways of delivering and organizing the content.
    2 hrs
  • Express Wholeness, Vitality, Resilience, and Stamina.
    “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his life plays many parts.” William Shakespeare

    These words speak such truth. We all play parts some conscious and some unconscious. Be it on a theatrical stage or the stage of life we need a healthy and vigorous body.  We need vitality, resilience, and stamina to perform at ultimate capacity. I know I can speak personally on this be it in a rock band or doing one of my one-woman shows I have to be in shape to perform at peak capacity. Again, true on both the stage of life or a performance stage. This section will cover what you need to do to get yourself prepared to perform.
    2 hrs


  • Creation 
    In this section everything will be brought together and Gina will share ​who we really are and the potential and inherent abilities we have that can be ignited with creativity and imagination.
    Any questions will be addressed and everyone will receive a handout with a basic guideline to follow in creating their performance. The students will have one week to work with the guideline and turn it into a basic step by step plan/outline of their performance along with questions they would like to have addressed.



  • Q & A
    This a two-hour Q and A to help the class get further clarity.
    The students will then have two weeks to create a 15 min Expression of Brilliance video!
    (Short One – Person Performance.) (Though live is optimal the why is covered in the course.
    For educational purposes this method will work.)

    To be certified students must return a completed video to Gina by the date provided.  Gina will watch each video and offer tips for enhancement. Then it is up to each student if they would like to make any changes.
    Gina will then ask permission from each student if they would like to make their presentation a part of the final class.  I invite everyone to keep the following thoughts in mind when you are deciding if you want to share your video.
  • First we learn from each other, and most everyone is a little or a lot insecure especially if they have never done this before.

  • Consider everyone is going through the same thing and honestly the sooner you get past this the better performer you be.

  • Let go and have fun! This comes from someone that has gone through this many times over LOL!

  • Finally be respectful, kind, and have compassion for each other.  This will help everyone relax, enjoy,
    and gain the most benefits from this experience. – Gina

    2hrs ( Could go longer depending on questions.)



  • Final Class
    This will be a final review and a presentation of the video clips that have given permission to share.
    (They will be highlighted sections as with 11 people in the class it would take too long to view them all.
    If you choose to share with each other you are welcome to do so on your own time.


Gina Citoli Bio
Gina began her career in dance at age seven and by age ten she was touring the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. with a troupe of young dancers from the Novikoff School of Dance in Seattle. She continued her dance education at Cornish School in Seattle, The Royal Academy of Ballet in LA and Luigi Center of Dance in NYC. She went on to study acting at The Actors Theater in LA and developed her voice and acting skills in her teens in musical productions from ACT and The Lyric Theater in Seattle to productions in NYC, and Dallas TX  and touring with The National Children’s Theater Company.

Gina then went into the music business touring with various bands on the West Coast and in the Midwest and eventfully started her own band. She has performed to standing ovations and rave reviews from New York’s Battery Park and Den Design-Forum of the Museums Quarter in Vienna to The Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle WA, The Creative life Center in Sedona AZ, The Carlton Celebrity  in Minneapolis MN and the Beverly Hillshire Screening facility in Beverly Hills CA. to name a few.  
Gina has written, recorded, and produced over 60 songs. Her music has won awards and been chart toppers on radio stations in Minneapolis, and Reverb Nation. She has recorded two phenomenal songs with Grammy award-winning producer Barry Goldstein, her music has been used by NASA, in films for the environment and on international CD compilations for world peace.
Presently Gina marries her diverse background in theater, music, and performance arts with her knowledge of metaphysics, new science, environmental awareness, alternative healing, evolution of human consciousness and universal laws and truths. She is now known as The Musical Medicine Woman a visionary songstress with gorgeous voice that is “Musical Medicine” for your soul and her superbly imaginative one-woman musicals are dynamic, thought provoking road maps to a new reality! Together you have an outstanding level of artistry with a dazzling new vision for humanity and solutions to the challenges we face as a people and a planet.  
With Express Brilliance Performing Arts Course Gina shares her knowledge,
wisdom, and experience with others in this innovative new approach to expanding consciousness.
This pioneering course unites the healing, metaphysical, and performing arts.
It emboldens self-expression and imagination to create a one-person performance for self-realization, heart brain coherence, healing, and the unification of critical thinking and significant enlightenment.
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Gina Citoli Presents...
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