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Resources for Creating a New Earth

Click on Logos - There Are More On The Way

On my Podcast there are several conversations with Patty & Chris from C60 Evo and one with Matthew Britt from Food Forest Abundance with more to come from this visionary company. Also some great conversations with two extraordinary people  that offer transformational support,  Jeanne Lecher and Addison Ames. I will have more great info for
you in the days and weeks to come! - Gina

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Let's Build a Food Forest! 

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Let's Get Healthy! 

Jim Gale and His Team are truly changing the world!!!
Please check them out!
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This company rocks! Can not say enough good things about them a people and the products are amazing!
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Todd is a one man show and  offers great seeds,
fantastic soil  and lots of education. 
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Really good and pure products and honorable  people I really recommend The Health Tonic.
Though all their products are excellent and well sourced I am directing you to Tonic Alchemy as I have been using it for years!  Love it!

On The Way

Additional Health Products,
Services, and more!
I use all the products and services that are recommended and the ones to come. Food Forest Abundance is who I will be using for Gaia's Musical Theatre when I am ready.  My dream is for later this year or early next year! - Gina


Transformational Support

*Gina Citoli - Gina's Alchemy Tarot Readings

*Jeanne Lecher - Soul Body Network

*Addison Ames
- Awaken Know & Grow

( You can meet us all on

The Musical Medicine Woman Podcast )

Awesome Information!
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