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Immersive Retreats

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Eloquent Encounters of The Mystical Kind.
Step Out of Time and Enter a Realm Where Gaia is Revered,  Life is Cherished, The Mystical is Alive, and Love Prevails.
Musical  Medicine Woman
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Heart for Wild Spirit Heart.png

A Musical Medicine Woman Retreat is for groups from 11 to 33..

They are Exclusively Curated Around the Engaging Themes from Gina’s Performances The Magick Rock Musical, A Cabaret of Consciousness, and Wild, Wild Wisdom. 

All performances embody the principles of The Gaia Frequencies which are included in the retreat.
Each performance and it's character is their own superbly imaginative road map to show us the way! 


Gina Citoli embraces every performance with her energy and devotion to a renaissance of consciousness and the rebirth of spirit, earth, and life itself.  With her charisma and passion she calls us to aspire to be the best version of ourselves, unite and be the architects of a magnificent New Earth.

Musical Medicine Woman Half Day Retreat:

  • A Performance of Choice

  • A 90 Minute Intro to The Gaia Frequencies which are the Intrinsic Virtues of Humanness.

  •  Soundtrack Download

  • Available as of June 1, 2024

These exquisite events may be hosted for a specific group or they may be attended at a retreat that has open registration.


When there is open registration, it will be posted on the Home page of Gina’s Musical Medicine Woman site.

If you are signed up for The Musical Medicine Woman Newsletter you will be notified.

If you would like to host a retreat for your group, organization, or business please Contact me. I will respond within 2 business days and we will set up a time for a Zoom call to meet and discuss details and I will answer  any questions you have. I look forward to bringing you a truly one of a kind experience that will be memorable, inspiring and enlightening! - Gina 

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Virtues are qualities of excellence and foundational principles of being.

 They are also gateways  to Superluminal Consciousness and Critical Enlightenment.  

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