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  • A Musical Medicine Woman Retreat is marked by visionary and fluent performance art
    with vividly moving reve

  • All retreats are eloquent sanctuaries where life is honored, Magick is celebrated, and the Hu - Man = Being (Light Being) is revered. and restored to their original greatness as Galactic Royalty, the Guardians of The Earth and All of Life! 

  • A Retreat is for groups from 11 to 22.

"Serendipity is the witness that does not judge.

It is peaceable, synchronistic discovery, and surrender that emerges as

consciousness in action." Sacha Stone

I will be adding more descriptions of the verbiage, what it means and how it relates to our transformation - Gina

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Musical Medicine Woman Retreats

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Serendipity, and Critical  Enlightenment. 
Eloquent Sanctuaries Nurturing Superluminal Consciousness,

Musical Medicine Woman Retreats are Exclusively Curated Around the Engaging Themes from Three of Gina’s Spectacular Musicals. A Cabaret of Consciousness, The Magick Rock Musical,
Wild, Wild Wisdom and content from The Gaia Frequencies.


It is recommended that you begin with A Cabaret of Consciousness. If you have seen it before you are encouraged to revisit it as it has a great deal of new material that is important and not to be missed!

Plus, it sets the foundation for the other two performances. Follow it with The Magick Rock Musical, and then to Wild, Wild Wisdom, as each performance builds on the previous one.

Half Day Retreat Includes:

  • A Performance of Choice

  • A Ninety Minute Reveal and Conversation with Q & A. based on The Gaia Frequencies

  •  Soundtrack Download

One Evening One Day Retreat Includes:

  • A Performance of Choice.

  • A Full Day Immersion Into The Gaia Frequencies.

  • A 20% discount on a Tarot & Oracle Card Reading. (Online)

  •  Soundtrack Download

One Evening and One Day and a Half Retreat Includes

These exquisite events may be hosted/booked for a specific group or they may be attended at one of the retreats that have open registration.


When there is open registration, it will be posted on the Home page of Gina’s Musical Medicine Woman site as well as on the Events page. If you are signed up for The Musical Medicine Woman Newsletter you will be notified.

From Gina, 

If you would like to host/book a  retreat  for you group, organization, or business please Contact me .
I usually will respond within 2 business days and we will set up a time for a Zoom call to meet and discuss details and questions. I look forward to bringing you a truly one of a kind experience that will be memorable, inspiring and enlightening!  Gina 

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