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Spoken Word and Song  - Full Video with These Are The Days and Spoken Word Below

"I encourage you to view this inspirational video, “Rise to Freedom” – a collection of powerful music, spoken word and stunning imagery – that envisions a new future for America (and the world) by recognizing the power of harnessing True Human Freedom to ponder, create, manifest and celebrate a new world, based on our sacred human values, and an alternative to the command-and-control system that currently dominates minds and institutions. 


This 12.5-minute video (below is the full version with spoken word is the creation of my friend Gina Citoli, transformational performing artist and healer, and her team of heartful and creative professionals. It is definitely worth watching and letting into your mind and heart as a new and regenerating direction for America and Humanity.
Let’s focus on the Freedom to Live, Love and Create, rather than the all-too-popular selfish/egotistical version of freedom to disrespect and damage the Earth and its peoples.
.- Larry Rosenberg - Inspirational Edutainer and CEO of The Larry Show. 

Interview with Gina by Robert David Steele.

Full Rise to Freedom Video with These Are The Days and Spoken Word.

I was inspired to write the lyrics, vocals and spoken word of Rise to Freedom by many Patriots that are rising for Freedom! (Patriots meaning all citizens of planet earth that support a free, peaceful, safe
and healthy beautiful world for all.)  
Though this version is specific to America for
the moment a universal version has been created and awaits 

I invite you to engage with Rise to Freedom and take it into your heart and Rise! - Gina.

Gina Citoli Entertains Your Soul (15) (1

What People are Saying:

"Incredible, powerful and right on time. Well done to you and everyone who is here
to Rise to Freedom together.  
Be proud!!"  -  Lyra Sami

"Goddess I Love Your Voice! " - Alexian - Producer, Singer, Musician

"Your video captures so much beauty in all aspects of our humanness. 
Genuine Genius. " -  Devon Casey

"Wow. These words will move you!! Gina hit a home run with truth she speaks of
in this song". Thanks Kat Luther

"Great performance Gina, well done it's a powerful message that needs to be heard now
to bring 
Americans back together." -  Greg O’Neal – White Tiger Farms


"Powerful piece of art! Keep anchoring in the change with your gifts." -   Louis Bruce

"Wow Rob! You're videos just keep getting better," - Bette"

"Love your work, beautiful and powerful!! - Susan Terry - Peace School

"BEAUTIFUL!" Stash - Founder Global Freedomfest

" So incredibly beautiful!" -Judith Kulla- Caring Hands Massage and Spa

Thank you to Rob Uzzell for coming on board with the stunning imagery, to John Jenkins for assisting him, to the fabulous music of Infraction and AudiCalm and to the great engineering of Todd Fitzgerald 

Vocals, Lyrics and spoken word by Gina Citoli.
Video by Rob Uzzell  Dragonfly Pictures 
In The Moment - Music for narration AudioCalm
The Aurora-  Music for Rise to Freedom- Infraction  
Engineered by Todd Fitzgerald
  Winterland Studios Minneapolis MN
These Are The Days
Gina Citoli, Marshall Davis and Barry Goldstein Production by  Barry Goldstein 

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