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 Healing Sound Immersions 

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"When you are in the room with Gina you feel the soul of her voice permeate every fiber of your being. It is an amazing experience."
-  OKP Events

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Healing Sound Immersions are transformational experiences of sound that resonate deep into your cells & DNA. A Healing Sound Immersion will regenerate your heart, mind, body, and soul., 

The frequency of 432 HZ creates resonance in our physical, mental, emotional, and mental bodies. Music attuned to 432 HZ has been said to accelerate our spiritual and mental development and have a direct and profound effect on our DNA. It can also restore our Divine Blueprint and allow our chakras to spin at an accelerated rate.

432 HZ expands our consciousness because it is the keynote of the universe. This frequency is in tune with our chakras and brainwaves and harmonizes our cells, aligns heart brain coherence, and connects us to the vibrations of the earth and beyond. 

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"Gina is absolutely wonderful!! She is such a powerful sound healer, and I felt the energy from our session so palpably! I’ve been to a sound bath before but never quite like this- she used crystal bowls to align our chakras, plant sounds, her own incredible singing voice, and many other instruments to align our energy. Gina also used Reiki which I felt very strongly since I am sensitive to energy. I would absolutely recommend her for sound healing, anyone and everyone can benefit from her gifts. So glad we found her!" - Emily Moore & Stephanie Leonard

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432 hz Crystal Singing Bowls
Music attuned to 432 HZ has amazing healing powers! “If you wish to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration ”–Nikola Tesla.
The Schumann Resonance is the
Heartbeat of T
he Earth.
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Solar Harmonics Tuning Forks
The Solar Harmonic tuning fork set instantly brings you to the place where those who meditate strive for, inner silence. They bring you to a still point, a point where awareness is no longer physical and a deep serenity is experienced.


Percussion, drums, rattles rainsticks etc. are widely used in sound therapy, sound healing, energetic therapies, shamanic and reiki healing, and sound meditation. They are used for their ability to induce relaxation, lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

"432 Hz is considered to have the potential to synchronize both hemispheres of our brain: the logical and analytical left brain and the creative and intuitive right brain. This creates what scientists call "whole brain synchronization", maximizing our potential as thinkers, artists, and spiritual beings." - Mind Vibrations

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The Power of The Human Voice

The human voice engages the entire body. It holds resonance and vibration and when directed with positive intention can have a profound healing effect.

As part of this immersion into sound you will experience Gina's powerful energizing voice that is spoken of as gorgeous, amazing and magnificent.

"Gina's is one of the consciousness-raising messengers on our planetand her beautiful voice

carries restorative qualities.  - Carolyn Vinup - HPSS Global - Minneapolis, MN  

Schedule a Healing Sound Immersion

Enjoy my song Breathe of Spirit.

Breath of Spirit
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Reiki Healing May Also Be Applied in a Healing Sound Immersion

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