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Transformational Support for These Most Unprecedented
and Auspicious of Times.Tarot, Sound Healing.

"So grateful for my birthday session with Gina Citoli! I first had a Tarot Card Reading that gave me very helpful insights and guidance on my next steps. Perfect for the end of a year and the beginning of a New Year! 

I also experienced one of her Harmonic Sound Immersion
sessions and Wow !
She sang songs personally selected for me and my journey, and her crystal bowls and other instruments took me on a deep journey towards a new Initiation … I went away feeling relaxed, lighter, and full of more insights and wisdom as I enter a new decade of life! Thank you Gina- this was amazing!!
Lynn Koll - Shamanic Life Coach

Gina's Tarot and Divination Readings

Wisdom, Truth & Visionary Insights - Live & Online
Gina's Tarot and Divination readings are “Mystical Guide Stones”

to Superluminal Consciousness.

Online & Live In Person.

Harmonic Sound Immersions
Personal Sessions - In Person Live Only.
Rejuvenate, Regenerate, & Revitalize.
Immerse Yourself into an Experience of Frequency, Sound, Rhythm,
and Gina’s Gorgeous Vocals that are "Musical Medicine for Your Soul".
Gina's Performance Art -
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