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Harmonic Sound Immersions
Immerse Yourself into a Vibrational Experience of Sound, Rhythm,
and Gina’s Enchanting Vocals that are "Musical Medicine for Your Soul".

 Harmonic Sound Immersions are transformational experiences that resonate

 deep into your cells and DNA, regenerating your heart, mind, body, and soul. 
​Experience deep relaxation, stress reduction and, holistic healing. (Includes Reiki).

Plus, Focused Life Force Energy Consciousness Technology.
Based on Dr. David Hawkins fields of consciousness.

You will enter a high consciousness field that promotes an optimum
environment to be present.

​Live in Person Only. As a Group or Personal

Gina's Alchemy and Divination Readings

Discover Insights into Living a Life of Longevity, Vitality, Connection, and Aliveness.

Gina's Alchemy and Divination Readings are “Mystical Guide Stones” to a more ascended

vibrational way of living. Receive support in realizing your higher purpose, breaking cultural
pattering, achieving transcendence, inner liberation, and self-mastery.
Advanced truths, ancient wisdom, and practical knowledge with Tarot, Oracle Cards,
Shamanism, Numerology, and Channeling.

Live in Person and Online.


Unlocking The Secrets of The Tarot Introductory Class 
A mystical ninety minute journey into The Tarot.
It’s connect to universal and Natural law, self-mastery
, and ascension.   

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