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A Spectacular Array of Universal Truth!

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A Tale of Valor, Love, and Transformation.
In This Powerful One-Woman Rock Musical, Gina Rocks The Universe!

You'll be mesmerized by Gina Citoli as Aradia, avatar of the highest order and "Queen of The Witch".

Aradia has returned to 2024 to take us on a journey of ascension. One we will remember forever.  
Gina Citoli, with her electrifying energy, gorgeous voice, powerful music, and engaging  storytelling rocks the stage with the unique 'magick' of consciousness based on the wisdom of the ages -- deeper than magic as we have ever known it.  
The Magick, a two-hour solo rock musical is a spectacular array of universal truth with an unforgettable surprise ending that will astonish and amaze you.

Enjoy Music From The Magick!

White Raven
The Magick
The Moon Tune

The Magick is a tale of goodness and wonder, avatars, alchemists and immortality that transports audiences into a new paradigm
of limitless potential.

A note of clarity there are good witches and those with evil intent. 
Aradia is what is known as a white witch or lady of the light that works with natural magick (natures laws). She is a healer and avatar, Avatar referring to one that is

a master, mystic, and sage.


"In true Gina fashion she rocks the stage with powerful universal truths. Truths about aging, abundance, stewardship of the Earth, and truths about accessing ‘the magick’ of the consciousness that is available to each and every one of us on a daily basis. Her use of song, humor, dance, along with heart make this a ‘must see’ show." ​- Kat Luther

"I was so moved by Gina Citoli's  The Magick -- it is an amazing performance.
Gina is an incredibly joyful, powerful, loving and talented woman presenting spiritual truths with her singing and storytelling. Her inspiring show takes you on a journey not to be missed!" - Cathy Corey, Minneapolis, MN

"Citoli Rocks the Universe..... Earth plane Goddess Gina Citoli Does it Again -  Entertainment Meets Enlightenment....She's found another way to put Universal Truth to Music. The Magick sings right on through high-level Universal Truths. Remind-ing me that "when the student is ready the teacher appears"....Here She Is AGAIN !

Go Gina - the Universe is your Apple!" TP- Tree Guy


"I had the great pleasure of seeing Gina perform The Magick at an intimate gathering. Everyone was enthralled by her portrayal of Aradia. Her storytelling had me on the edge of my seat eager to hear what would come next. Her voice is very powerful. Her message that “we are one” needs to be heard by the world."  -Deborah Sheehan

”It is hard to express completely the fullness of how this performance uplifted and inspired me. Gina’s offering is so much more than just a gorgeous voice and entertainment.  Her brilliance offered me a light that made me crave to go and learn more about myself and our community and world. Seeing “The Magick” is an opportunity to find satisfaction in the moment with a promise of hope for the future." - Judith Kulla, Wellness Spa Owner


"A genuine, one-of-a-kind, awesome show! This is a dynamic performance, and those on the path of higher consciousness don't want to miss it. Gina's talent of writing and performing is outstanding, and her debut was a hit at Afton Embrace. She is definitely onto something big with this show. Thank you, Gina, for sharing your gift!" - Afton Embrace

"The Magick” that is produced is intensely necessary!

Great sentiment, and expertly channeled!"
- Music Dish, NYC

"This performance by Gina Citoli is an inspiration. No matter where a person is on her/his spiritual path, they will find something magical and meaningful to awaken and remind them of their true self and connection with all!  I loved it and highly recommend it.  Gina’s energy and voice are a prayer and an affirmation." -Dawn Morningstar, Venerable Women



"I saw Gina Citoli perform recently and I was blown away. Her powerful message and her beautiful voice were both captivating and inspiring. If you are looking for something beyond the ordinary I highly recommend Gina’s show
The Magick."  - Linda Frilse. , MN


"I so loved this performance. It gave me goose bumps, moved me to tears, and I was in awe as I watched Gina sing with such gifted talent. The words were filled with universal truths of wisdom for the shifting times we are in, and it all flowed in perfect harmony. Her passion for this work shows through as she gave all of us so much inspiration and fun entertainment! Thank you for a wonderful show that I won't forget!" 

- Lynn Koll - Oasis Center for Conscious Living

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