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Dream when you see stars.
Wish upon their light.
Dance with their music.
Soar amidst their mystical melody.

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Power of Peace

Love Story & It All Comes Down to Love 

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An electrifying performance by Gina Citoli that is powered by her

mystical eye-opening story of The Nightspell and is enhanced by her gorgeous voice and transcendent original music crafted for our times.


A new era is being birthed an era of freedom, innocence,

and the reclamation of our divinity. As the new earth rises from the fire simultaneously we must be daring and with courage, fortitude, and conviction see it all, face the fire, stand up, and break The Nightspell!

Remember… We are the Divine Capacitors of the Outcome!

Innocence is purity, virtue, and incorruptibility.
(Not ignorant, unknowing and naïve.)  

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Enjoy The Song of Joy and a story of The Medicine Flower  from The Nightspell!

The Nightspell has a holiday version that includes

The award winning and # 1 Hit Song
Someday When Christmas Never Ends.

The Nightspell is Performed and Created by Gina Citoli. 

Music by Gina Citoli, Merry Citoli and Marshall Davis. 

What People are Saying...
“Gina Citoli is one of the most talented people that I know. To say she is multi-talented is a vast understatement! I enjoyed her latest show, The Nightspell. I am astounded at how fresh, inspiring and enjoyable it is. Gina created, wrote, directed and starred in this fascinating journey through ascension, magick and human overcoming. The musical score reflects a range of styles so each number feels new and exciting. The book is full of trans-dimensional wisdom that draws the audience in to each and every word. Gina’s performance is grand and gutsy. A huge voice from a petite frame, full of vim and vigor, yet able to be delicate and almost childlike. I recommend all that Gina does – it is all of the highest quality and sincere beyond measure. 
She is bright and gifted and an inspiration for us all! Thank you, Gina!”  

- Jason Addison Ames, Wavve Foundation
“What a vibrant experience to receive Gina's wisdom and her look at life in such an artistic and powerful way! I was in the cloud of her magic from the beginning to the end of her show. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world in the committed way you do! Keep me posted on your projects! Don't want to miss one!” - Amayra Hamilton,  The Nu Lemuria,  Sedona, AZ
Gina is an energetic, gifted and talented musician, composer, performer and teacher.
Her music, messages and voice inspires, uplifts and leaves you with a high-vibrational experience. It's a beautiful, all-in-one, gift-wrapped package!
- Jane Myers - Owner, Producer at Mind Mastery Radio
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