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with Gina Citoli

Online Course Coming Soon!

A mystical ninety minute journey into The Tarot, it’s connection to Universal and Natural laws. self-mastery and ascension.  

Overtime The Tarot has been touted as a deck of fortune telling cards. However, in my forty years of researching, studying, and being a professional reader, I have learned that this is far from the truth. Its purpose is much greater as it is a journey and a system of self- governance  and mastery, cosmic and natural law and more.

In this ninety-minute introductory class I will introduce you to some history of the Tarot and a more expanded view  of the cards than you may have heard before.


I will then share the overall structure and how it breaks down into sections and then go into the details on a few of the Major Arcana Archetypes, what they mean and the universal law each card represents.


I can truly say that the Tarot has been my greatest teacher, they are timeless, and have evolved with me. I am excite to share what I have learned and experienced with you!

I have over 30 Years of professional experience as a reader.
Tarot has been my most valued teacher and most effective personal growth experience. 
From The Tarot I have gained wisdom  and gnosis from my greater self and directly from "The Divine”.  Gnosis-spiritual knowledge or insight into humanity's real nature as divine.

I see Tarot as a living system that responds and interacts with me. If I am reading for a client the cards reflect the  energy of the client or in a group reading they reflect the energy of the group itself. - Gina
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