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Gina Citoli
Unlocking The Secrets of The Tarot
This experiential and creative online course uses the Tarot
as a journey of discovery to 
explore higher purpose and
breaking cultural pattering. It is system for achieving
ascension, self-realization, self-mastery, and sovereignty

Seven Week Course, Seven Two-Hour Classes
This is a seven week group course for eleven people.
Gather your friends and family and take this masterful and enlightening 
adventure into the wisdom and mysteries of the Tarot! 
$3333. 00 for up to eleven people.
$1999.00 for one or two people. 
Coming Fall 2023

The intention of Unlocking The Secrets of The Tarot
Online Course is:

  •  to connect with our Divine Intelligence within so that we may
    find the courage, heart and wisdom and to look at it ALL wi
    th new eyes!

  • to find the strength to question everything we thought reality to be!

  • to expand individual and collective awareness of the truth of who we are and why
    we are present at this place and space in time!  

  • to take action on what is revealed.

My name is Gina Citoli. I have over 30 Years of professional experience as a reader.
Tarot has been my most valued teacher and most effective personal growth experience.
From The Tarot I have gained wisdom  and gnosis from my greater self and
directly from "The Divine”.  Gnosis-spiritual knowledge or insight into
humanity's real nature as divine

I see Tarot as a living system that responds and interacts with me.
If I am reading for a client the cards reflect the  energy of the client or in
a group reading they reflect the energy of the group itself.

Live On ZOOM
Stay Tuned for the Details of Each Week. 
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