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Visionary  Songstress Gina Citoli's Gorgeous Voice is “Musical Medicine” for Your Soul. 
Her superbly imaginative one-woman  performances are dynamic, thought provoking r
oad maps to "The New Earth". Together you have an outstanding level of artistry that takes you...

Beyond Entertainment Into... "The Extraordinary!"

Every performance emboldens a renaissance of consciousness.
The shows are alive with songs and
transcendent insights that ring out with
Divine Intelligent Wisdom. They invite you to honor and respect all life and
 to celebrate freedom, sovereignty, your aliveness!

Gina's performances are always live in person, eye to eye & heart to heart!

This magnificent style of performance art takes you beyond entertainment into the extraordinary and in many ways is beyond definition. Each performance coalesces the performing, healing, and metaphysical arts and they cover topics from alchemy to immortality, as well as natural and universal law. Gina curates a special kind of performing arts that takes you into the unknown, breaks new ground, shatters the story of "The Old World Paradigm" and reconnects you to The Natural Order of Life, The Earth Herself and beyond!!

Featuring  A Cabaret of Consciousness 2023/24  -The Performance for Our Times!
Ages 9 and up. For communities of all kinds and makes for a great family event as well.

Gina's Premier Performance!

A Cabaret of Consciousness 2023

A Brilliant Leading-Edge Powerhouse of a Performance that is ​"The Voice of The Earth Herself!"
This Magnificent Show Celebrates Life
and the Rising of Consciousness! 
"Gina Citoli has put together a musical that is the most profound and comprehensive message from Mama Earth you have ever heard. Her performance of A Cabaret of Consciousness at The Sedona Creative Life Center is the message of the time for the new earth. The level of professionalism, artistry and full spectrum delivery of this most appropriate message is phenomenal."
- Adrian Stewart, Parangello Players, Sedona, AZ

"Gina's voice is a magickal tool.

  Gina can rock you or bring you to tears!" 
Pat Peterson - The Academy. Minneapolis.

"Gina’s personal integrity, and professionalism is of the highest quality. She has the ability to express powerful and effective messages, which foster healthy living and wellness. Gina is able to touch people on a personal level as well building a stronger, healthier community at large."

David Mueller, Vice President Caring Hands Inc. Hastings, MN

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"Gina is a presence to be reckoned with – combining rock star energy and crystal clear spiritual truth.
Gina delivers the goods for the awakening world."  

- Rev. Cheri Jensen, Senior Minister
Whole Life Cen
ter for Spiritual Living- Fort Collins, CO


"The real sensation of the evening was visionary songstress and scribe Gina Citoli, she sang four songs and each one seemed to be more energizing than the other. I hardly found an artist who can convey that much light energy on the spot."   Franz Nahrada - Our Global Village- Vienna Austriaa

 "With major change taking place on all levels of life and consciousness we are being called to expand at a greater velocity with more honestly, transparency, depth, and truth to serve the needs of our times.

It is imperative that we embrace our power gracefully, walk with impeccability, and live our lives respectfully, with unbreachable integrity. 

My performances are created to take you to new planes of existence and inspire you to contemplate deeply who
you really are. - Gina 

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