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Visionary Songstress Gina Citoli's Gorgeous Voice and Her
Illuminating Performance Art is Musical Medicine for You Soul.

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The Musical Medicine Woman  

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ina Citoli


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We are Powerful Beyond Our Wildest Dreams and Are Truly Limitless.
We are Here to Remember Who We are and The Nature of What it Means to Be Human!

We are Here to Remember to Dream and Imagine!

We are Here to Walk in Honor and Grace and Foster Our Mission as The Guardians of Gaia and all of Life!

We are Here to Transform Ourselves and Our World!

Performance Art that is crafted to spark a re-imagining of The Mystical, Magickal, and Miraculous. Gina's performances are curated to inspire a remembrance of our inherent way of life and the keys to a super luminal consciousness, our superpowers, and our humanness.

"Consciousness is The Only Reality & Imagination Creates Reality!"-Neville Goddard

Presently we are being called to expand at a greater velocity with more honestly, transparency, and depth. It is essential that we embrace our power gracefully, walk in honor and peace with impeccability, and live our lives respectfully, with indestructible crystalline integrity.  - Gina

"Gina’s personal integrity, and professionalism is of the highest quality. She has the ability to express powerful and effective messages, which foster healthy living and wellness. Gina is able to touch people on a personal level as well building a stronger, healthier community at large."

David Mueller, Vice President Caring Hands Inc. Hastings, MN

"The real sensation of the evening was visionary songstress and scribe Gina Citoli, she sang four songs and each one seemed to be more energizing than the other. I hardly found an artist who can convey that much light energy on the spot." - Franz Nahrada - Our Global Village- Vienna Austria

Thank you for All You Do!!!

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