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Music, Storytelling & Interview Videos  
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A Synopsis of Gina's Premier 
One Woman Musical Starring Mama Earth!
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Rise to Freedom 
From The Magick
A Cabaret of Consciousness


Video with Narrative & Song 

Vocals, Lyrics and spoken word by Gina Citoli. Video by Rob Uzzell  Dragonfly Pictures In The Moment - Music for narration AudioCalm The Aurora-  Music for Rise to Freedom- Infraction

Breakdown of Imagination
An excerpt from A Cabaret of Consciousness 


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​​Crop Circle Films

The Innocence 
After I saw the # 1 Movie in America , 
Sound of Freedom I felt it was time to release this
song and the video.

My siste
r Merry and I wrote and recorded it in the 1980s but never released it as we felt people were no where near ready to hear it.
But now it is  DEFINETLY TIME!

- Gina

Meet Mama Earth
Featuring The Natural Order of Things
from A Cabaret of Consciousness 

The Story of The Medicine Flower
with The Song of
The Nightspell.

Someday When Christmas  
Never Ends 
Someday When Christmas  Never Ends was created as a Christmas song but the message is universal and for
every day of the year!

Metamorphosis Connections Char Savoie interviews Gina Citoli.

This is a good interview to learn more
bout what I do. - Gina

A conversation with Gina, Rob Uzzel and Magic Brad about how Rise to Freedom was created, 

Robert David Steele Interviews Gina. 

This is also a good interview to learn more about what I do. The name and vision have changed but the principles are the same.- Gina


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Food Forest Abundance - - Coupon code 5% off GINA5

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