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Music, Storytelling & Interview Videos 
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A Synopsis of Gina's Premier 
One Woman Musical Starring Mama Earth!
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Rise to Freedom 
From The Magick
A Cabaret of Consciousness


Video with Narrative & Song 

Vocals, Lyrics and spoken word by Gina Citoli. Video by Rob Uzzell  Dragonfly Pictures In The Moment - Music for narration AudioCalm The Aurora-  Music for Rise to Freedom- Infraction

Breakdown of Imagination
An excerpt from A Cabaret of Consciousness 


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Food Forest Abundance
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​​Crop Circle Films

The Innocence 
After I saw the # 1 Movie in America , 
Sound of Freedom I felt it was time to release this
song and the video.

My siste
r Merry and I wrote and recorded it in the 1980s but never released it as we felt people were no where near ready to hear it.
But now it is  DEFINETLY TIME!

- Gina

Meet Mama Earth
Featuring The Natural Order of Things
from A Cabaret of Consciousness 

This Video was created for
Food Forest Abun
The Story of The Medicine Flower
with The Song of
The Nightspell.

Someday When Christmas  
Never Ends 
Someday When Christmas  Never Ends was created as a Christmas song but the message is universal and for
every day of the year!

Metamorphosis Connections Char Savoie interviews Gina Citoli.

This is a good interview to learn more
bout what I do. - Gina

A conversation with Gina, Rob Uzzel and Magic Brad about how Rise to Freedom was created, 

Robert David Steele Interviews Gina. 

This is also a good interview to learn more about what I do. The name and vision have changed but the principles are the same.- Gina


C60 EVO - - C60EVO 10% off first order Gina10

Food Forest Abundance - - Coupon code 5% off GINA5

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