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A Message of Hope, Peace and Love for All.
Awarded #1 Holiday Song
The Spiritual Film & Entertainment Festival
Gina Citoli - Someday When Christmas Never Ends
Lyrics of Someday When Christmas Never Ends
A beautiful addition to your holiday music collection!
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Gina has re-released this award-winning song in memory of her sister, Merry Citoli (1956-2019).
Merry and Gina co-wrote and recorded the original in 1985.
This song provides a beautiful message of hope, peace and love for humanity and the earth. 
If ever there was a time when we could use such inspiration, the time is now.
Special Holiday Bonus!
When you purchase the single, you will receive a PDF download including the lyrics.
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Someday When Christmas Never Ends Lyrics

Free PDF download 

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